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Our Company

Geekoto belongs to Filow Technology Co,. LTD which is located FLAT/RM A, 9/F SILVERCORP INTERNATIONAL TOWER, 707-713 NATHAN ROAD, MONGKOK, KOWLOON, HONGKON. It is a dynamic and rapid developing company that provides a wide range of photographic and recording 

accessories. Geekoto is key in the creation of an art masterpiece due to our tripods holding stability and angle 

flexibility as well as its ability to provide the perfect brightness with our products. 


At Geekoto, we are committed to keep improving and offering new innovation to photographers and to become 

an essential helper for our photographic lovers.


JIN 陣 2.4G Lightning System refers to the remote control system based on the 2.4GHz transmitting technology 

that allows the users to control, trigger, and interact among the Geekoto lighting products. JIN 陣 is a Japanese 

vocabulary that refers to military formation. Based on the communication and interaction among Geekoto lighting 

products, the users will be able to manipulate the lighting effect to create the satisfying work.